A Beginner’s Guide to Writing Effective Content

Content is the king when it comes to the bestSEO (Search Engine Optimization) practices. Writing and publishing content is the primary driver of your search engine rankings. High-quality content will increase site traffic as well as improve site relevance. Never sacrifice good writing if you want to thrive in your niche. You can consider the article creator, but it’s imperative that you how to write effective content.

Keep in mind that there is no secret formula for writing content. What you can do is to consider several guidelines that can help you improve the quality of your written material. Guidelines include:

Create a head-turning headline

You should see the headline as a billboard – it will determine whether the audience will consider the product or service. In writing, headlines will determine if the audience will read the rest of the article. If the headline does not stir emotion, you cannot achieve the desired results.

Do your research

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Whatever you’re writing, you should have extensive knowledge about it. If you can, include the statistics, metrics, and quotes from credible sources. This is to establish credibility.

Break your copy

If you want to get the attention of your readers, you should not consider dumping data. Writing an endless stream of text looks boring. If you want to retain the attention of your readers, you should break up your copy using headings, subheadings, and bulleted lists. More importantly, keep the paragraphs concise and short. Your goal should be to create content that is easy to digest.

Optimize multimedia

To keep the audience engaged, you should attach a relevant image with every post. You can consider photos, videos, audios, infographics, GIFs, screenshots and many more. You need to optimize it for the readers. Here are some tips to optimize your multimedia:

If you have images, optimizing it means creating a descriptive file name including your main keyword. You should also consider reducing its file size to improve load time and responsiveness.
If you’re optimizing videos, you need to save it as MSP, MPEG or MOV. These formats will make it ready for the search engines to crawl. You need to embed videos from hosting sites so they can be easily found in video and web searches. Finally, you need to use tags in its file name with a description including your main keyword.
If you’re optimizing audio, you need to create a title and description incorporating the main keyword. More importantly, use high-quality audio files.

Edit your work

When you finish your first draft, you should go back and see how you can smoothen the rough edges. Polishing is important because in most cases, writing will improve as it goes through edits.

Update your content regularly

After publishing, you need to go back to your site and regularly update the content. You have to know that search engines will re-crawl and if it finds updated content, it’s the best indicator of the site’s relevancy thereby boosting your ranking.

Writing is a part of SEO that is time-consuming and costly. There is no alternative to this, so if you want to be at the top, you need to invest in high-quality contents like article creator.