Affordable Cloud Computing Solution for Categories of Businesses

IBM is one of the best companies to partner with for the technology upgrading of your business organization. The company provides a series of IT products and services that can help to push your business forward and also make it a major player in your chosen field.  The iSeries is one of the several IT products from IBM and this product has proved to be one of the most outstanding cloud computing programs ever. The IBM i Cloud is designed to meet the specific needs of a different organization, be it commercial or otherwise. It comes with a series of benefits and we will consider many of these benefits in the course of this write-up.

Some outstanding benefits

iSeries can be controlled from remote locations miles away from your head office.  As a result, you can log in any time you like from any location on earth and get direct access to all the data you have stored in it.  You can also monitor the data and keep a close look at the activities of other end users that share that particular storage solution with you in the same organization.  The hosting is private and ensures adequate security for every data you have stored in the iSeries. It comes in different plans and each of them is adequately affordable. Consequently, you will always get good value for money.

Cloud Computing Solution

Advanced data storage

iSeries comes with several advanced features that can give your business organization an incomparable experience in data management.  You will get access to 24/7 management and monitoring, batch job processing and even security operations center. IBM I Cloud is designed to meet the needs of different categories of end-users, be it a startup or an already established blue-chip company.  The vendor management features also make the cloud computing solution to stand out.

Some other features of the iSeries are highlighted below:

  • Trouble ticketing, which makes it easy to easily trace any issue that may arise in the cloud computing system for fast resolution by trained professionals
  • Data backup & recovery feature makes it very easy to backup your very important data so that they do not get lost. It also ensures that such data can become accessible from any part of the globe and at any time. The backup system ensures that the data can be recovered fast and this ensures that they remain safe for eons.
  • Ease of problem determination, resolution, escalation and callouts ensure that anything that goes wrong with the cloud computing system can be easily detected, traced and resolved without any delay. It also ensures that each detected problem can be properly categorized into sections so that the right technician can attend to them for proper and timely resolution.

You will never regret buying into the iSeries.