postnatal confinement food

Choose the best postnatal meal plan and gain strength

Postnatal care period begins immediately after childbirth. During this period both the mother and baby need good care or there can be serious complications. A woman’s body has undergone drastic changes and her hormone levels go for a toss. It is always advised for the mother to eat and rest so that she can take care of her newborn baby with the best care. Therefore, it is advisable to order postnatal confinement food for the best nutrition.

Meals made out of fresh and healthy ingredients with love and care has an amazing effect on the body while it is recovering. Moreover, there are choices available as per the taste and need of an individual. This way one can get variety of food without being bored of it. The postnatal confinement food may be simple traditional food or modern Chinese or a combination or fusion of both. The meals are carefully designed and planned so that each meal gives the energy to the mother and her baby.

The confinement period lasts from 30-45 days. However one can book the meal plans for 10, 20, 30 and 44 days respectively.  Each meal plan has a fixed rate too. Hence, each meal plan is only catering to lunch and dinner i.e. 2 meals of the day. Each meal plan has the following contents –

postnatal confinement food

  1. Carbohydrates – Brown rice, Pasta or porridge (Choose any one)
  2. Proteins – Fish, beef or chicken (Choose any one)
  3. Vegetables – Salad, stir fry or braised (Choose any one)
  4. Dessert – Cake, pudding (Choose any one)
  5. A choice of herbal infused tea.

After childbirth, mothers face a common problem of constipation and carbohydrates help in it by providing fibre and energy. Carbohydrates are needed to fuel the body and provide energy to do our day to day tasks. Proteins help in growth of new cells, muscles and increase the blood circulation in the body. The vegetables provide us with essential minerals and vitamins. Also desserts are designed in such a way that milk enters the woman body. This helps in getting the required amount of calcium and strengthening her bones. Dates tea gives her an extra calorie in form of energy.

The meal plan ranges from $500 – $2100 as per the time period chosen. You have an option to customise your meal as per your taste. You can also ask for help and plan it with the help of the experts. It is good to talk and tell your medical history too. This way the meal plans are carefully prepared so that it doesn’t cause any allergy or a serious complication.

To conclude that, postnatal confinement food is the best if we consume it as and when it comes. The meal is fresh and will provide the essential nutrients to a weak recovering body.