Biodegradable to go containers

Edible Packaging: Products You Should Try

A lot of people are now starting to use edible and biodegradable to go containers. These products reduce negative impacts of the food industry on our weakening environment. A big percentage of plastic in the oceans and landfills are from food packaging. Here are some edible packaging you should try out.

Drink and then eat

Biodegradable and edible cups made from agar or seaweed extract are a hot trend. It comes in various flavors such as cherry, grapefruit, and yogurt. Loliware started to design plastics that will disappear and never last forever. This new category of high-performance products use the unique seaweed intelligence. Their products help prevent the destruction of our planet caused by single-use plastics.

Sorghum utensils

A lot of plastic utensils get thrown in landfills and oceans all across the globe. The solution, made possible by Bakeys, is to use spoons made of rice, wheat, and sorghum. These vegan-friendly and biodegradable spoons are hardy and resilient. They can grow in depleted soils and even arid environments. Another great thing about these spoons is that they do not get soggy even when used in soup.

Biodegradable to go containers

Edible ring holders

There are tons and tons of turtles who get stuck in thrown-away plastic six-pack ring holders. These hurt our environment and Saltwater Brewery stepped up to fight this issue. The brewery developed a circular process that reutilizes natural by-products of beer production. Ring holders made from wheat and barley that are edible will pose no threat to the innocent turtles.

Wrap with a casein

Casein is a milk protein that can be a material for biodegradable and edible plastic wraps. Saran Wrap has started to use it to create products as an alternative to plastic films. Some people may have allergies to dairy products so it is not advisable for everyone to use casein wraps.

Consume your bottle

Billions of plastic water bottles end up in the oceans and landfills all over the world. Manufacturers started to make biodegradable water containers to stop this. The containers use seaweed and calcium chloride as materials. The package will remind you of a silicone implant. You can consume not only your drink but your container, too.


The incredible and edible egg is a great alternative for foods and liquids packaging. Made by WikiCells, the eggshell uses charged polymers and food particles for materials. You can fill this eggredible thing with orange juice, wine, or even chocolate chips.

Plenty of companies, technologies, and investors are in the food industry. A lot of them are vying to cause major disruption over the next coming years. It is already a given that a renewable company will take over the packaging market soon. But, since there is no particular company who is sure to take over that position, a lot have been struggling to be on top.