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Here’s Why Spoons Are Better – READ HERE!

            Everybody uses a spoon for various reasons. It is almost part of our everyday lives. It makes a significant as we made use of it since we started learning how to eat our meals. It is like a stepping stone to knowing something more than the world of utensils. People have unleashed their creative juices through the years and created various types, kinds, and designs of spoons. Others like to have custom spoons, because why not? Not to put any other utensil down, but spoons are better for various reasons. In this article, we’ll share with you the following!

The original utensil – OG!

The spoon was longer than the fork all over. Since the Paleolithic period, they have stood the test of time, aka the cavemen who used them. Currently, forks are an altered variant that emerged after the spoon.

Flexibility, versatility

You can pick up anything; therefore, a wider number of foods can be consumed physically with a spoon rather than with a fork. This excludes certain types of foods suitable for its use, such as soup or yogurt, since forks have prongs. Let’s say that if you attempt that, you’re in for a messy challenge.

In all types and sizes, they are available.

Big spoons, small spoons, teaspoons, tablespoons. It is silly to think that the old but gold wooden spoon is in the same family as the small teaspoon. For this purpose, when people bake/cook, they use different sized spoons for calculation. So, it is presumed that the spoon also counts as an essential tool that serves a function.

custom spoons

Stir it up

The spoon is the best utensil for stirring whatever requires stirring. You automatically aim for the spoon, not the fork, when you combine ingredients with baking a cake or blending sugar into your coffee or tea.

You may use it to scoop up ice cream.

If you’ve ever scooped a fork of ice cream, your sanity is likely to be challenged. All right, maybe it could fit, but to top off a cone, you wouldn’t get the same perfectly round scoop. TBH, we all scream for ice cream, so this is a justification for the game to change why spoons dominate and drool forks.

The Games

Who did not play Spoons? We don’t know about you, but almost everybody has childhood memories of playing this game of mini-musical chairs around the dinner table. In addition to this favorite, if you are into playing with your food, this utensil is more appropriate for a makeshift slingshot.

Final Thoughts

            With the reasons that we provided you in this article, there is no doubt that the spoon makes our meals better. Well, others may prefer using their bare hands or chopstick, but can not we all agree that using spoons makes everything easier and less messy at the table? Whatever your preference is, it is vital to consider using what makes you comfortable and makes life convenient.