PCB Applications In Different Industries

Most Common PCB Applications In Different Industries

Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) are vital electronic components. Because of this, there are now plenty of online stores where you can find different types of PCBs like high density interconnect PCB for various applications. We use them every day. For sure you have appliances or machine at home that use PCBs. If you want to learn more about Printed Circuit Boards and its applications, then this article is for you.

What Are Printed Circuit Boards?

Printed Circuit Boards connect the electronic components, which is why they are essential in many electronics that people use these days. Printed Circuit Boards are non-conductive materials. They have lines and pads as well as features etched from copper sheets that would electrically connect the components.

The use of PCBs these days is vital – from the appliances that you use every day to a wide range of industry applications. Here are the common uses of PCBs:

PCB Applications In Different Industries

  • Automotive. Most vehicles manufactured these days are now utilising electronic components. Because of this, the industry needs the Printed Circuit Boards. Back in the day, PCBs are only for windshield wipers and switches for the headlights. But now, more features need PCBs to make the vehicles safer and more comfortable to drive. PCBs are also used in control systems, sensors, as well as in navigation and entertainment systems in your car.
  • Medical Devices. There is a growing number of PCB uses, especially the flexible circuit in the healthcare sector. They are useful in different medical devices like medical imaging systems like CT and ultrasonic scanners. PCBs are also in heart rate and blood glucose monitors as well as in insulin infusion pumps. As technology improves, there is no doubt that PCBs will continue to play a significant role in the healthcare sector. 
  • Consumer Electronics. If you are using a smartphone, yes it uses PCBs. Communication devices and computers need the Printed Circuit Boards to function. Other than that, PCBs also are found in home appliances. They are in your refrigerator, coffee makers, and microwaves. 
  • Industrial Applications. In the industrial sector, Printed Circuit Boards are essential. They are usually needed with electronic components because this provides power in most industrial facilities, equipment in manufacturing as well as distribution centres.
  • Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs). If you have LED lights at home, yes they have PCBs. What the Printed Circuit Boards in LED lights does is it transfers the heat away from the bulb. With high temperatures, the bulbs’ life will decrease. Which is why Printed Circuit Boards are important. You can find PCBs in residential lighting, storefront lighting, computer displays, automotive displays, and also in medical light.

The Printed Circuit Board applications mentioned above are just some of the many in various industries. And these are the reasons why PCBs are important. They may look like nothing on their own, but they are vital in making a lot of devices and machines function.