Skull Necklace


The fashion:

          It has been well recorded that the fashion is a very uncertain concept as it keeps changing and what was fashionable one goes out of fashion an comes back once again at a later date. This has been the case of the Skull Necklace which was once the favorite of the cult that had their own concept of rituals and spirituality and they used to wear the skull chains as a mark of their membership to the cult. However what you see these days is just the copies of them but it is for all people to buy and for just a cult or the other. The chains are now worn as a fashion and since both the genders have agreed to a common theme they have been created for both the genders.Skull Necklace

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Shapes and sizes:

  • The ornaments and the pendants that are made at this brand are made out of great quality silver which is the sterling silver which is well known for its purity of the silver and the purity is at the 925 point which is the best among all the varieties of silver available at present.
  • The shapes and sizes are quite different and they have the same model for both the gender.
  • The difference is in the size of the model as well as the weight of the model, since the ladies prefer to wear something weightless and sleek they are given the choice for that.
  • They have shapes like the bird model, the wings model, Viking, raven. Octopus, serpent, skull with the cross bones, the sword, the pirate model, the punk model, the rock model and the list just grows.
  • They are designed with so much attention for details and this is necessary as they have t get the shapes right and they have to have the finishing which is quite a sharp one.
  • You can make out the shape very well and no two are alike at Skull Necklace. Grab your now!