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Why Motherapp Is Called The Future Of Business Success

Motherapp was born out of a passion for developing and helping businesses implement integrated hard and software solutions.  They started in 2008 after they realized how inventing a mother of applications solution could save the business world. As the industry pioneers in enterprise and consumer app development and digital consulting, we create smart apps, take good care of their health, and ensure they are properly used to the benefits of our clients—enterprises and consumers.

What Have We Achieved?

As the mother of all innovative applications, we approach enterprise and consumer app development with the highest level of novelty to bring out new solutions that would add confidence, success, and peace of mind to the way organizations and people run their businesses and execute different business projects. We have a solid past performance that demonstrates our highest level of candidness when it comes to applying well-known and emerging technologies.

When we first came into existence, we built a community mobile app for TED talks, that made it possible for the community to share awesome ideas. Come 2011, we were the first app developers to initiate and implement design-driven agile processes, used and implemented some of the world’s most popular developers even today. Back in 2015, we initiated a powerful IoT solution for Ocean Park, which made it possible to handle real-time crowd management effectively.

What Are We Doing?

As the pros in-app and tech development and integration, we are going to help you integrate AI, IoT, and mobile technology so your business can prosper and reach bigger markets. The Alpha Go Artificial Intelligence application, which we initiated in 2017, has been the most preferred choice for data-driven solutions. It’s no doubt that combining AI, IoT and mobile could greatly impact the business sectors that haven’t enjoyed advancement. We are creating smart and powerful environment applications intended to make factories and cities efficient and transparent.

Also, we create smart and efficient consumer engagement applications to help brands and businesses interact with customers to more personal levels, so they can best understand what the clients want and what to do so they give them the best.


If you want to transform the way you run your business or the efficiency and transparency of factories and cities, consider partnering with SMARTAPP to enjoy a mixture of technology and smartness. With our high-end systems that aim to make your business operations smarter and more efficient, you are going to notice an increase in your production and a decrease in the production costs. You as well going to realize a reduction of the amount of workload your workers have to handle since the systems will help you automatize your operations and services, so you optimize productivity.