Value of social media for health care

It is irrefutable that social media has changed the way we live our daily lives. In short, it has a profound effect on the human lifestyle. Nowadays, people are becoming night owls because they use smartphones until late at night. It is a downside of smartphones. But let’s keep it aside and talk about how we can change our lifestyle with the help of social media apps. There are many apps which are used by individuals daily including Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and many more.

How can we change our daily life via social media apps?


Social media can be a tremendously beneficial tool for both patients and health-conscious people. There is one saying that what you watch and surround yourself with you become. Most people use social media for entertainment purposes. What if these people follow only accounts that make you about all the healthy food, diseases and their symptoms, or any other health-related issue? There is no doubt that what they will see they try to implement in their life, which will somehow turn their sedentary lifestyle into a healthy one.

However, these accounts are not only for the unhealthy people but also for health-conscious people who can benefit from them. Since some people are curious about learning new stuff related to a healthy lifestyle, social media can help them in many ways. For example, if person does not know about some diseases or exercises, they can follow an account related to that. Hence, it is advantageous to follow these accounts.

In conclusion, although some people use social media apps for entertainment, they can be helpful for turning people healthy. Here is one account that I want to prefer for whoever wants to be fit as a fiddle – This account can help you in becoming healthy.


Services Offered By HelpCare+


HelpCare+ Unlimited provides for you and your family. Unlimited access to medical and mental health professionals for consultations in the comfort and convenience of your home. The company is well known for its successful “telemedicine” and “Tele counseling” services, among other things. Many people have turned to service providers like Helpcare+ to seek affordable medical care fast due to the COVID-19 outbreak, which has caused global healthcare expenses to reach an all-time high. Help care Plus offers unrestricted 24/7 access to doctors, mental health professionals, board-certified doctors, psychologists, pharmacists, dentists, nutritionists, and fitness trainers for a monthly cost.

What It Does

Get assistance right away. There are no per-call fees or copays. No matter how much you use it, it’s all included in a single low monthly charge.

They also give you unlimited access to messaging board-certified doctors, specialists, psychologists, pharmacists, dentists, dietitians, and fitness trainers. As if that weren’t enough,

You may think that would be sufficient, but we also offer substantial savings of up to 85% on prescription drugs, MRI and CT scans, lab tests, diabetic supplies, and other medical supplies.

Services Offered by the HelpCare+

  • Telemedicine

24/7 Access to a doctor is available at any time, anyplace, and there is no per-visit fee. Get a diagnosis, treatment options, and prescription from a doctor by phone or online video in just a few minutes, if required, for medical reasons. Avoid congested waiting areas in the ER, urgent care center, and doctor’s office to save time and money.

  • Mental Wellness

Allow qualified, experienced counselors to assist you 24/7 in solving personal issues. Discuss everything from issues with family, employment, and substance misuse to depression, anxiety, and stress.

  • Speak with a Specialist

the ability to consult our knowledgeable staff of board-certified doctors, psychologists, pharmacists, dentists, dietitians, and fitness trainers with any medical inquiry. When you need it most, get recommendations and assistance from reliable experts.


  • Drug Discount Program

Keep your drug expenditures under control! Save up to 85% on prescription drugs at your neighborhood pharmacy or when they are delivered to your house.

Additional Beneficial Service Discounts

  • Lab Testing

Direct access to more than 1,500 top clinical laboratories nationwide can help you save up to 80% on lab work.

  • CT and MRI scans

Save up to 75% on standard MRI, CT, and other imaging costs nationwide at thousands of accredited radiology facilities.

  • Medical Supplies

Save up to 50% on various items, including walking aids, wheelchairs, scooters, hospital beds, toilet safety items, and orthopedic devices.

  • Diabetic Equipment

With your first order, you’ll receive a free fully-audible blood glucose meter and up to 50% discounts on diabetes testing items.

Visit to learn more about HelpCare+.

Tamil Love Films Can Watch With Loved Ones

Tamil Love Films Can Watch With Loved Ones

If romance runs into your veins, watching these Tamil romance movies will ignite it more. These films provide an indulgent romantic experience and transcend you to a state of bliss.

  1. Bombay

It is a story that breaks the boundaries and shows the love of a Muslim man and a Hindu woman. Their family objected to their relationship; still, they moved together and faced communal wrath.

  1. Alaipayuthey

It is a romantic film that showcases the reality of married life. The couple fell madly in love, but soon they realized marriage is not a bed of roses.

  1. O kadhal kanmai

The story is about two couples who didn’t believe in the institution of marriage, and soon breaking the taboos, they started living together and then real drama unfolds.

  1. Shikaru

It is a story of a clever man who tries to steal from his landlady’s house. But the actions of his past rear its heads again and again. The lead character played by Vettri is shown to be an avid book lover and believes in practical education rather than academic education. Directed by VJ Gopinath and written by Babu Tamizh, It is counted as one of the best Tamil romance movies you can watch on Aha OTT.

  1. Aruvam

This Thriller horror film is streaming on Aha and has an interesting premise. The lead actress doesn’t believe in harming even ant or a fellow human being. What happens when a man’s spirit enters her body? What happens when the ghost falls in love with her? Moreover, what happens when he coaxes her to take revenge on the people who murdered him? To find the answers, log in to Aha and catch the Tamil movie.

  1. Cindrella

Cinderella released in 2021. the Tamil horror flick received rave reviews for its original subject. The movie has been written and directed by Vinoo Venketesh. Raai Laxmi plays the titular role in the film. She has been ably supported by Sakshi Agarwal who also appears in the lead role. Watch how a Cindrella dress awakens supernatural powers to carry out a revenge.

Go for a wide variety in Tamil entertainment

These are the movies that are worth watching on, aha. The platform gives you movies of different genres and an immersive cinematic experience. If you are a fan of amazing Tamil movies then you will be delighted with the content posted on this OTT platform.