Bodybuilding men and women, how does training differ?

Nowadays the battle of politically correct often involves the differentiation between man and woman; biology does not care about this and there are scientifically clear differences between the musculature and the female fibers compared to the male ones. What is really correct is the involvement of both “factions” and that there are effective training programs also for the female gender MK2866 for sale.

Thyroid hormones are mainly responsible for a substantial differentiation at the level of muscle composition ; specifically, a bodybuilder has a higher percentage of white muscle fibers than a woman, who, however, has muscles composed of 35% more red fibers .

If you are a woman you must absolutely take into account your reproductive system, as it is managed by a “dance” made up of hormonal transfers between the brain and ovaries. These periodically secrete hormones called estrogen , which are responsible for a correct menstrual cycle. This could undergo major alterations during intensive training phases and you could end up with a total lack of menstruation.

In men, on the other hand, testosterone allows the synthetic increase of proteins, useful during the recovery period for the reconstruction of the injured muscle, increasing muscle mass. This hormone increases during muscle training in women too, however much more effort is required during the initial stages before noticeable differences in muscle definition are noticed.


Still with regard to women’s training, another hormone that plays an important role is insulin . In short, this hormone promotes the exchange of sugars between the blood and muscle tissues, which have a constant need for energy that I can get from sugars. In women, there is a second hormone linked to the reproductive system called progesterone , which is responsible for regulating the menstrual cycle and early pregnancy. It is the main culprit in a process called “insulin resistance”, in which the ability of tissues to assimilate sugars from the blood is inhibited.

Every week, therefore, the woman must face an important hormonal alteration and adapt the exercises accordingly.

Proteins are the essential ingredient for optimal muscle results. From a certain level on, it becomes very difficult to take enough protein to cope with damage in muscle fibers without inevitably ingesting other unwanted foods such as fats and carbohydrates, which must be kept strictly under control in a competitive situation. Protein supplements are often used, which compositions include specific proteins and amino acids for recovery.