Tamil Love Films Can Watch With Loved Ones

Tamil Love Films Can Watch With Loved Ones

If romance runs into your veins, watching these Tamil romance movies will ignite it more. These films provide an indulgent romantic experience and transcend you to a state of bliss.

  1. Bombay

It is a story that breaks the boundaries and shows the love of a Muslim man and a Hindu woman. Their family objected to their relationship; still, they moved together and faced communal wrath.

  1. Alaipayuthey

It is a romantic film that showcases the reality of married life. The couple fell madly in love, but soon they realized marriage is not a bed of roses.

  1. O kadhal kanmai

The story is about two couples who didn’t believe in the institution of marriage, and soon breaking the taboos, they started living together and then real drama unfolds.

  1. Shikaru

It is a story of a clever man who tries to steal from his landlady’s house. But the actions of his past rear its heads again and again. The lead character played by Vettri is shown to be an avid book lover and believes in practical education rather than academic education. Directed by VJ Gopinath and written by Babu Tamizh, It is counted as one of the best Tamil romance movies you can watch on Aha OTT.

  1. Aruvam

This Thriller horror film is streaming on Aha and has an interesting premise. The lead actress doesn’t believe in harming even ant or a fellow human being. What happens when a man’s spirit enters her body? What happens when the ghost falls in love with her? Moreover, what happens when he coaxes her to take revenge on the people who murdered him? To find the answers, log in to Aha and catch the Tamil movie.

  1. Cindrella

Cinderella released in 2021. the Tamil horror flick received rave reviews for its original subject. The movie has been written and directed by Vinoo Venketesh. Raai Laxmi plays the titular role in the film. She has been ably supported by Sakshi Agarwal who also appears in the lead role. Watch how a Cindrella dress awakens supernatural powers to carry out a revenge.

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