used cars in sacramento

Why Buying A Used Car Is The Smarter Decision

Owning a car has always been one of the biggest expenses in the average person’s budget, and while it can be tempting to find a way out of that expense by buying a used car instead, it’s not always such an easy decision. There are many benefits to buying used cars in sacramento, and here are just six reasons why!


Expert opinion is that as much as 20% of new cars may have some problem during their first three years. Used cars come with this risk already priced in. Given there’s no way to know any problems beforehand, they’re more likely worth the risk than new ones, which cost more but come with uncertain history. Even if you do buy a “new” used car, the chances are it has been in an accident at some point and has accumulated some dents and scratches already.


Since so much can happen in just three years, having a car with a few years of wear and tear definitely makes it more likely to last longer. Also, since parts are available for used cars that aren’t as common on new ones, they’re cheaper than new ones, which have a whole new replacement plan in place. The market is also not as saturated as what we’ve seen over the years, so you can easily find the best deals and prices without having to constantly haggle for them.

used cars in sacramento


A used car will hold its value longer, but it will still depreciate in value. New cars depreciate quicker than older ones do because of unfamiliar parts and accessories. While a used car will have an easier time holding its value than a new one, it’s still going to depreciate and lose some of its initial value over the years.


Since they’re already used and more prone to wear and tear, they’re cheaper at the dealership when you’re buying your warranty plan along with it! We recommend getting a maintenance plan because having nothing but issues may not be necessary since this is a cheap (and preferred) option for many drivers who don’t want to spend too much in the long run.


In conclusion, buying a used car is always the smarter choice because you save money while also saving yourself from potentially more problems.