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Decoding the Price Tag: How Size and Materials Influence Skirting Board Costs

Skirting boards are fundamental parts of the structural plan of any inside space. They serve a double capability of esthetics and common sense, improving rooms while safeguarding walls from scrapes and wear. The skirting board price will vary based on the materials you choose to install at your property.


The primary variable influencing the price of skirting boards is size, which incorporates both the level and thickness of the board. Bigger skirting boards require more material to deliver, which normally builds the expense. A thicker skirting board will likewise cost over a more slender one due to the extra material required.


The second critical element affecting the expense of skirting boards is the material from which they are made. How various materials of skirting board price vary is explained briefly.

Softwood Skirting Boards

Softwoods like pine are one of the most reasonable choices for skirting boards. They are not difficult to cut and introduce, pursuing them a famous decision for Do-It-Yourself devotees. However, softwood skirting boards are more inclined to harm and may require continuous substitutions or fixes, which could increment long-haul costs.

Hardwood Skirting Boards

Hardwoods like oak and pecan are more solid and have a more extravagant look contrasted with softwoods. However, these characteristics accompany a greater cost tag. Hardwood skirting boards are ordinarily more costly than their softwood partners. They’re a fantastic long-haul venture for spaces going for the gold allure and more noteworthy strength.

MDF Skirting Boards

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Medium-thickness fiberboard is a composite material that is available at affordable cost and sturdiness. MDF skirting boards are typically less expensive than hardwood but more costly than softwood. They are impervious to distorting and expanding, making them a financially savvy and low-upkeep choice. MDF skirting boards can likewise come pre-prepared, and fit to be painted, saving you extra planning time and cost.

PVC and Vinyl Skirting Boards

PVC and vinyl skirting boards are much of the time the least expensive choice accessible. They are not difficult to introduce, waterproof, and require insignificant upkeep. It pursues a well-known decision for regions presented with dampness, like washrooms and kitchens.

Plaster Skirting Boards

Plaster or gypsum skirting boards are a quality choice that offers a work of art and rich esthetic. They can be uniquely crafted with unpredictable plans and enumerating, yet this likewise makes them perhaps the most costly choice available. Plaster skirting boards are commonly used in homes or verifiable structures