How Can You Use Instagram For Professional Networking?

Whether you’re on the hunt for a new job, looking to meet new people, or just want to increase your professional network, Instagram can help. Check out these tips on how to use Instagram for professional networking and build your company’s image with this visual-driven social media platform. Here are ways you can use Instagram for professional networking:

Share industry-related photos

As a business, you have access to more industry-related photos than you realize. Whether you’re at an event, traveling, or showcasing your products in action, posting relevant photos that relate to your field will help attract and engage with potential customers. Buying Instagram views from Goread can help you increase the visibility of your videos.

Use hashtags to promote your products

Whenever you post a photo, use a relevant hashtag to promote your company or products. For example, use “#trucking” when posting photos of trucks in action; “#camping” for photos of camping gear used in the outdoors; and “#jeep” for photos of jeeps and other SUVs used for off-road adventure.

When using hashtags, follow Instagram’s rules that allow posts with tags more than once as long as no two tags are repeated in a post. Instagram is also cracking down on companies that use the same tag more than twice in one day or post less than 10 hashtag photos/videos in a 7-day period.

Promote your business via Instagram


You can promote your business and connect with potential customers on Instagram, without being annoying. Post a photo of what you do for fun or why you chose to work for your company. This will help show your personality and help create an aura around your brand, which will increase brand awareness through word of mouth from satisfied users.

Use Instagram for networking during business events

If you’re ever at a business event, create an Instagram account for it and post photos from the event. This will help promote collaboration among the staff and show potential clients how your team works together to achieve goals.

Use Instagram Stories to share photos of your presentation

While PowerPoint presentations are somewhat dying out, many people still use them from time to time. If you’re presenting at a business event, you can use Instagram Stories to post photos before and during your presentation. This will help your audience connect with you on a more personal level, which leads to increased engagement and credibility.

Follow industry-related accounts

Follow relevant Instagram accounts, including other businesses in the same industry. This will help you learn about your field and connect with people that share the same interests and goals. It’s also good for getting feedback about your business and current marketing efforts so that you can make improvements where necessary.