Fire Extinguisher Service

Protect Your Property: Importance of Fire Extinguisher Service

Fire can quickly damage property and threaten lives. Therefore, having proper fire safety measures in place is crucial – including having functional fire extinguishers installed and regularly maintained and serviced by professionals. In this article, we’ll examine why and how this service should occur.

Importance of Fire Extinguisher Service

Regular fire extinguisher maintenance ensures that your extinguishers are functioning as intended and are ready for use if a fire breaks out. Failing to regularly service or maintain them may leave you and your property exposed to potential harm from damage or destruction, leaving your life and possessions vulnerable to harm or destruction.

fire extinguisher service nyc is essential to keeping your fire extinguishers functioning effectively and is also legally mandated by OSHA, which requires annual inspection and servicing by an accredited service professional of all fire extinguishers in use.

What Are My Fire Extinguisher Service Options?

Fire extinguisher service typically involves inspecting, testing, and maintaining all your fire extinguishers. A qualified technician will assess their condition, check their charge levels, inspect any potential damages, defects, or repairs, and ensure their accessibility and location in an easily accessible place.

Testing an extinguisher involves discharging it to ensure its function, then having the technician test the pressure gauge. If an extinguisher fails any of these tests, the technician will replace it with another.

Maintenance includes recharging the fire extinguisher if it has been discharged or when its pressure gauge indicates recharging is required. A technician will also replace any damaged or defective parts as necessary and ensure it has a label identifying itself correctly.

When Should Fire Extinguisher Services Be Scheduled?

As previously noted, OSHA requires fire extinguishers to be serviced at least annually; however, additional times when servicing may be beneficial include:

After any use, or when its pressure gauge indicates it needs recharging, or when physical damage such as dents or corrosion occurs to an extinguisher, and/or whenever the extinguisher is being moved from its original location, always recharge and move as soon as possible to ensure optimal functioning.


Fire extinguishers are an integral component of any comprehensive fire safety plan, yet not just having them is not enough; they must also be regularly serviced and maintained to ensure they function correctly when needed. Be sure to schedule fire extinguisher servicing at least annually or sooner if needed – as fire safety is everyone’s responsibility, regular servicing of fire extinguishers is just another part of keeping yourself and loved ones safe!